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The Dropped Culture Podcast

The Dropped Culture Podcast


 This is a podcast that picks up that piece of pop culture that you forgot about or missed, shines it up real nice and then crams it in your ear holes. 

*Gasp* A Random Episode Approaches!! Quick, Cover Your Ears!

Dropped Culture: Halloween Extravaganza 2019

In honor of All Hallow's Eve, we are diving into the biggest & most often adapted character in horror film history. the vampire!
Sean Von Scholz joins our show to help guide us through the twists and turns that have taken place with the concept of these creatures of the night in film over the years.

Who We Be


Brock A.K.A. Garth

Overweight and outclassed in every way, But he loves movies, comic books, music and anything chicken fried. He goes by so many aliases that nobody knows his real name.



A fan of film, music, literature and art; as well as being a world class layabout and jack of all asses.

You may also know some of his works under the pseudonym;

 Joe Scorpio the Menace.


Mitchediah LongBottom

Making sure we don't say stupid stuff by editing it out before it airs since the year 1873. His only purpose in life is to edit podcasts and pass butter.




Plays Drums, watches movies, reads comics, and loves walking backwards on other peoples treadmills while looking deep in their eyes singing the theme song to Cheers.

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